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Baka Anong Isipin Mo - Curse One, Mcnaszty One & AphrylBreezy

by: Curse One, Mcnaszty One, AphrylBreezy

Directed by: Drei Sanchez
Actor & Actress: John Ray Salas / Pauline Misenas
Cinematography: Drei Sanchez
Editor / Colorist: Drei Sanchez
Music and Lyrics: Curse One, Mcnaszty and AphrylBreezy
Sound Arranger: Mcnaszty One
Music Instrumental: JE BEATS
Concept by: Mcnaszty One & Drei Sanchez
Produced by: Martial Camp Records & VidsByDrei

Other Cast:

John Mark Gonzales (Older Brother)
Jenny Ronolo (Girl1)
Paula Misenas (Girl2)
Tiffany Maxine Sanchez (Young Pauline)
Rudolf Diño (Young John Ray)
Propsmen: Arnest Lozano / Jknock Salajog

Special thanks to Director Willan Rivera of Clips Productio for equipment!
Bilog Mendoza of Caloocan Ink Tattoo Shop. - JE Beats
Cayubit Family & Sanchez Family

"Baka Anong Isipin Mo" lyrics:

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